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With Digital Performance we have the ambition to grow your brand online.

We give our best in each project combining creativity with digital tools.

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Discover how Digital Performance can grow your business.

At Gigantic we look at the post-pandemic world as an opportunity. With the acceleration of e-commerce and the evolution of digital tools and channels, it is within the reach of all companies to assert themselves and sell in any global market.

Whatever your markets, local, national or international, our digital performance team can quickly help you increase sales.



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Likes feed egos. With Digital Performance we prefer to generate business, converting visitors into customers.


Questions frequently asked by everyone.
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What is Digital Performance?

> At Gigantic we see digital performance as the integrated use of all existing digital tools, whether they are business intelligence, SEO, paid-media, CRM / automation subordinated to one or more objectives, usually associated with sales.

What business areas do you work in?

> We work with all types of B2C, E-commerces, and B2B businesses, from real estate to large industries, from supermarkets to dark kitchens.
> We work with all types of B2C, E-commerces, and B2B businesses, from real estate to large industries, from supermarkets to dark kitchens.

However we only work with ambitious and committed teams.

What do they do that my digital agency doesn't do?

> As a digital performance agency we start every project by defining clear and measurable goals and by setting up several tracking tools.

The ongoing pursuit of goals has led us to continually deepen our ability to optimize campaigns and increase conversions.

- Ongoing competition research
- Market traffic strategies
- 24/7 campaign optimization
- Content, technical and performance SEO
- Increased campaign ROI
- Negative keywords
- Exclusion of non relevand media
- A/B creativity tests
- Algorithmic campaign management
- Accurate audience management
- Continued renewal of campaign images

Can you estimate my digital media investment?

> Yes, we can estimate your investment if you share concrete objectives.

If for example you want to make 20 sales and your industry conversion rate is 4% and you have a cpc of 0.20 cents you will need 500 visits to your website at a cost of €100.

How long does it take to get results?

It varies from project to project, and whether we are facing a traffic or conversion challenge.

Conversion challenges tend to have more complex answers related to communication and messaging along the purchase journey. While traffic issues related for example to campaign management can be solved overnight.