Information is the basis of all Digital Performance and Inbound work. At Gigantic we offer you solutions that bring to light all the behavior of the market and the customer throughout their buying journey.

We combine the latest analysis software and data with traditional methods of discovery, such as interviews or surveys.

Our Digital Performance team is ready to help you turn this crisis into an opportunity.

Business Intelligence


Know your client

Business Intelligence allows you to know the customer's journey, from the moment they feel the need/want, through the stages of research and evaluation of the various options available in the market, to the purchase of a product or service. 

With Gigantic you will achieve:

With Gigantic
you will achieve:

Map the customer journey

Evaluate the effectiveness of the means
of attraction used

Gauging the relevance of the content
and messages

Observe the level of engagement
with potential leads

Register the response times
and automatisms

Check the coherence of speech

Business Intelligence


Easy monitoring

The Digital Brand Map is a set of Gigantic's Business Intelligence Dashboards that allow you to always have an up-to-date picture of your digital performance across all channels, be they Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin or even your online store or CRM system.

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Whatever your metrics are, our team is ready to develop your custom dashboard.

business intelligence dashboard
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Business Intelligence


Know everything about your Competition

The competitive analysis of the competition is one of the most important aspects of your business but also of the online performance. Through several Business Intelligence softwares we monitor your competitors' performance, from their ranking, to the keywords they use in their website and the investment they make in media.

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Our team is ready to perform on-demand deeper analysis on your competitors, identifying the type of relationship, the automations, and the content your competitors use to attract and nurture leads.

With Gigantic
You Will Get It

Know who the competitors are
in the digital world

Know the Share-of-Voice of brands
your sector

What is the Ranking of each
by keyword

What are the SERP features resources on Google
that you are using

How do you establish Engagement
with potential customers

What opportunities and threats exist

Discover with us opportunities that will multiply your conversions and sales.

Business Intelligence


Is your traffic decreasing?

Our strategy team specializes in SEO analysis, constantly keeping abreast of all changes in the algorithms that determine search engine rankings.

Our report shows you where you can improve.





What are the relevant keywords in your market?

What are the keywords in which your your website is ranked?

What are the keywords of your competition?

What are the gaps in keywords your site?

What are the opportunities of keywords?


What are the opportunities of keywords?

What are the design problems related to mobile?

What are the problems with meta tags, headings, and text length?

How many backlinks are there to your site?

What are toxic backlinks?

What is your website's total authority score?

Used Software


show you the way
to success