Create positive experiences to convert more

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When we create a channel to interact with the consumer of a product or service provided by our company, we want to create the best experience, and through it we can guide the captured leads to go through the consumer journey culminating in conversion at the end of it. The channel created can be a website, a landing page or even an email.

How can we create a positive experience that converts the prospective consumer?

Male character walking in hand that points to the center of a target symbolizing the best experience to convert to the goal.
A positive experience tends to convert the consumer.

Studying your market, your target and even the individual aspects of consumers can differentiate your business. Understanding the needs of consumers allows you to create the best experience for them. Sometimes we enter websites, apps or even landing pages and we don't know where we can get what we want. For us, as consumers, this is not a positive experience and we will easily not return there and possibly not consume that product or service.

For the best experience to be provided and in turn more conversions we must use International usability standards, according to them, this interaction channel needs to contain a useful, intuitive, consistent, accessible and attractive interface.

To be useful the interface must answer the question that the user is asking you, and guide him to the execution of an action to solve it. In this way, the user called a lead at this point, progresses and goes through the entire consumer journey to where the sale is made, thus becoming a consumer.

The consumer journey has three stages of capture: Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage e Decision Stage. 

At the stage of Awareness the lead takes into consideration a problem that has to be solved, it is a moment of research to understand what the problem is and its characteristics. In the Consideration the lead already knows about the problem and searches for solutions to this problem. Finally, in the Decision, is shown the solution provided by the company and the decision to consume or not should be made by him. Creating a good experience is expected that the lead goes through the consumer journey satisfactorily, and in the end is made the conversion, thus becoming a consumer after deciding to buy or join the offer.

After understanding about how to have a useful interface, it is important that the interface is intuitive. The lead should access the interface created by your company and find the relevant content and specific design to guide him. A metric that can help to know if the interface used as a channel is adequate and guiding him through the journey is the Bounce Rate. Typically used for websites, it shows the number of users who have accessed your homepage but do not navigate to other pages on your website. A high Bounce Rate number can indicate that your page is not intuitive. Leads are lighting up your page but soon after are leaving the site not traveling the expected path.

Another problem regarding the relevance of the content is that the answer given on the page is not enough or is confusing. Ideally a page should answer only one question, when you try to answer more than one question the content is not clear to the lead and thus he feels lost and will probably leave it.

Consider for each page the most important question to be answered. Provide content that connects to that main question. Often visitors are at different places in the customer journey, so it's important that each page is built to answer a specific lead's question. If the lead is on the about page, guide him to read case studies, if he is on the services or products page, make testimonials from other customers available to him.

Each page has to guide the lead to a goal by making the lead perform only one function.

Character positioned on puzzle piece with large hand to fit the second piece thus creating a path for the character to pass. The image is interpreted as the web page guiding the lead to the goal that was set for him.
Each page should guide the lead to a goal.

The content is another relevant aspect in creating an amazing experience, this should guide the lead to advance to the next step of the consumer journey. Don't try to guide a lead that first entered your website to the pricing page with the goal of closing the deal, the goal is to guide them through the entire journey until they become a consumer. Don't expect to meet your leads where they should be on the journey, meet your leads where they are and guide them to complete the journey.

After making sure your website, landing page or interface is intuitive, it's worth checking the consistency of the visual channel you've created. For your interface to be consistent you should focus on the fact that we humans like familiar objects. The more we are familiar with something we use the more we engage with it. Consistency in the information provided, colors, visual elements and in the overall design keeps users coming back to your page. Another important point is that familiarity already communicates important points of your product or service, such as whether it is free, or has a trial time or even if it has a promotional value.

The visual codes used for communication are often already known by the lead, it is important that these are used to facilitate communication and make it more direct.

An important aspect for a good experience in your interface is also accessibility. The ideal is that the designers who are creating the interface follow the international accessibility standards proposed by the market, among them readability, color contrast and font size. It is possible to find tools that help in this process by evaluating your interface or even enumerating the existing standards. 

On a website or landing page easy to use menus help keep the lead browsing, after all he does not want to waste time looking for the necessary content. Help them find what they want easily, including a menu at the top greatly improves navigation, a menu in the footer also makes the user engage again in your content when they reach the end of the page, thus presenting to him more content related to your service or product.

The menu should not have more than six elements and three levels of breakdown, if you use more than these numbers of elements and breakdowns may become difficult to navigate. Always prioritize simplicity. The last important aspect to providing an amazing experience for your lead is how attractive your interface is.

To be attractive it is not necessary to have many elements and colors, it can be simple and attractive.

Group of characters building an attractive web interface.
An interface can be simple and attractive at the same time.

The lead needs to understand about the content and concept simply by looking at the interface, the use of negative spaces (white spaces) make the focus stay on the important elements, the use of images is also an important point to create a visual interest on the page. To evaluate the attraction created by your interface, keep the principle that it should be intuitive and the layout should also guide the user towards solving the problem they face. Make smart choices!

Using the tips in this article it is possible to create a better experience for the lead accessing your interface, and make your interface useful, intuitive, consistent, accessible and attractive. Thus, as feedback from this experience, your lead will probably return and keep browsing. Thus will go through the consumer journey and perform the conversion reaching the end, going from lead to consumer of your product or service.

Stay tuned to each of the aspects mentioned above, and evaluate the current interfaces used by your company or business, see if they follow these aspects correctly, also measure results provided by them, this way it is simpler to understand when it is necessary to change or maintain something. For more tips to improve your landing page be sure to read the article A successful landing page is the equivalent of a delicious recipe! posted here on our blog.

Good job and good conversions!

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