Digital marketing strategy

At Gigantic we believe that a good digital marketing strategy is one that meets the objectives outlined but simultaneously maximizes the return on investment.

Our proprietary methodology based on 4 steps shows you a comprehensive and structured path to the growth of your business goals.


Data is the foundation of any
digital marketing strategy.

In Gigantic through a partnership with Similarweb we have the ability to get all the performance data from your competition and your market. This information allows us to outline an objective growth strategy for your brand that is based on hard data.

Competitive analysis includes

With Gigantic
you will achieve:

Competitor traffic volume
Traffic strategy per channel
Investment per channel per competitor: seo, referrals, paid-search, social, display.
Adwords: investment and volume per keywords per competitor
Referrals: links from sites that generated the most traffic for competitors
Display: ads on air digital competition


The complexity of a digital marketing strategy is proportional to the competitiveness in a given market.

In Gigantic we seek to have a multi-level approach to strategy in that depending on the conditions and development of a given market we increase the complexity of the defined strategy.

This approach ensures that the investment made is as efficient as possible, in that no unnecessary resources are spent to achieve the objectives.

Market conditions: there is a satisfactory volume of searches for our product/service; the offer in the digital world is unprofessional.

Digital Marketing Strategy: focused only on the search channel (seo and paid search) and on conversion factors.



Market conditions: the search channel is exhausted or non-existent; the competition clearly invests in paid-media.

Digital Marketing Strategy: multi-channel that included search, social networks and display. Definition of an annual communication plan.


Market conditions: competition is fierce, all players work all digital channels very professionally. 

Digital Marketing Strategy: multi-channel and multi-segment (buyer personas/ journey) customized work for each segment.



A new digital marketing strategy often involves upgrading/updating your digital assets.

The digital world is constantly changing and there are several paradigm shifts underway: websites are no longer institutional communication tools, but active business generators; social networks no longer function organically; artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize communication.

Assets that can be improved with us:


Content and Conversion

Paid Media and Tracking


Most websites were developed as an institutional communication tool and not as assets generating organic traffic (SEO).

For a site to rank well in the search engines it must have an architecture and content compatible with SEO best practices.

Content and Conversion

The paradigm shift of the digital world also brings a change in the content at the website level. The content structure of a website must meet what the end customer values.

At the same time complex digital strategies require more conversion support content like articles, newsletters, ebooks among others.

Paid Media & Tracking

Social networks have changed in the last few years by replacing the logic of organic posts with paid media campaigns. 

This change requires several upgrades, starting from tracking tools that analyze traffic and conversion, to the sophistication of ads account management, to the quality of creativity. 



This is the fun part, when we start to see results of all the work done.

Gigantic is your digital marketing arm. Autonomously we permanently monitor your traffic and conversion performance comparing results against international results benchmarks. 

When metrics are not at desirable levels the performance management team produces actionable insights for the various project teams to intervene on the various assets, be they the website, campaigns, email marketing, or others.

The Gigantic team's commitment is not to rest until you achieve your brand's goals.  

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