How to start generating leads and increase sales?

In a word: Hire us!

In many: the lead generation process varies from sector to sector and can be carried out more deeply through medium-term SEO work or deliver immediate results by creating campaigns and landing pages specific to a product or service.




The first step to generating more leads and sales is to attract more visitors to your website or landing page. At Gigantic we care not only about increasing traffic but above all about bringing quality traffic to your website that converts.

Improve your conversion

We believe the secret to lead conversion lies in systematically analyzing your digital touch points and making continuous, tested and validated improvements to your customer journey - in terms of process, content, copy and design.

Design the perfect Customer Journey

A lead generation campaign, because of its focus and the specific tools used, such as Landing Pages and automations, is always an opportunity to create the perfect Customer Journey: from attraction, to consideration through conversion and fulfillment.

Monitoring and continuous improvement

The Campaigns we develop in Digital are pre-configured with a
Complete setup of integrations with various monitoring tools
and Dashboards, which interlinked allow you to see exactly where the
greater and better results come, enabling us to optimize
constantly increase conversion rates.
The lead campaigns we develop are configured with a setup of integrations of various monitoring and analysis tools that tell us where they see the best results from which allows us to constantly optimize conversion rates.

Lead generation is only the beginning of the conversion process and it is essential to have the ability to manage and nurture a lead in a timely manner. It is essential to integrate management with CRM software that allows you to manage and automate all communication processes with a potential customer.

Reporting and Metrics

Gigantic was born with an obsession for results, in this sense one of the
our core skills is the correct management of metrics. From the definitions
of KPIs, we assume that each client and each project of each
customer is unique, and metrics creation and reporting have to be treated that way.
At Gigantic, we were born with an obsession for results and one of our main skills is the correct management of metrics. Since the definition of KPIs, we assume that each client and each project are unique and should have their own system of metrics and reports.

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Our entire team are performance experts and bring thousands of generated leads in their luggage, ensuring our clients get the best results.

come on this trip with us and start growing.