At Gigantic we know that lead management and the relationship your company establishes with all your contacts is as important, if not more important, than the ability to generate leads.

That's why we chose the Inbound philosophy which is based on the principle of give and take and the ability to attract, engage and delight at every stage of the Customer Journey.

Our team is prepared to help you with the installation and set up of the Hubspot platform, configuring a solution tailored to the needs of your company. So that you never again leave a query coming from your website or social networks unanswered.

Hubspot Inbound

We've teamed up with HubSpot, the #1 platform in the world for CRM and inbound management.


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With Hubspot you will have a clear vision of your sales funnel, allowing managers and sales team to maintain control over the stage of each lead/sales contact.

Learn which communication channels are generating the most conversions and increase your ability to generate business by automating processes, without having to reinforce your team.

Talk to one of our experts and see how we can put all your digital channels and tools to work seamlessly and automatically for you - from social media communication and search to closing deals and sales.

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With Gigantic you will get:

Have access and set up the best CRM platform in the world, Hubspot.

Manage leads and qualify leads

Automate screening and communication processes, in addition to many others.

Traffic Source Tracking and Conversion Results

Centralization and recording of all communication with leads and customers (messages, emails, calls)

Native integration with over 1000 complementary software and applications.

Our Digital Performance team is ready to help you turn this crisis into an opportunity.


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What is Inbound?

Inbound is a philosophy that puts the customer at the centre of the organisation and is based on a simple principle: give and take. In reality this is nothing more than your company seeking to be relevant and add value to the customer at every stage of their Customer Journey.

To be relevant you must start by identifying all the steps in this journey: from attraction to consideration to closing the sale. Having identified the steps, try to define how you can add value to your customer in every interaction.

Talk to one of our consultants and see how Inbound can be applied to your company.

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Hubspot is undoubtedly a special software but our team has different certificates and is able to perform work on other platforms. We perform set ups, integrations and automations, simple or complex according to the needs of your company.

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