At Gigantic we focus on analyzing each market individually and from a 360-degree angle. This implies strategic alignment between all our areas, including SEO and Paid Media.

But how does our process work? Do we do only website optimization? Link building?

In fact, our process integrates all areas, but it always starts with extensive research on the organic positioning of each client. This allows us to have a global vision of the market so we can define where we are, where we want to be and how we can get there. Our team works on this aspect with the SEMRush tool.

By being a Semrush Partner, Gigantic has access to several customizable premium tools that help consolidate and grow your digital presence!



Give your digital marketing team the right tools

SEMRush is an extremely versatile tool that collects third-party data to generate insights on topics related to the organic positioning of brands, inspect the authority of each domain, present link building opportunities, generate content ideas.

With the help of SEMRush our team can even analyze your competitors' paid media strategy and help you plan new campaigns!

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With Gigantic and Semrush you will achieve:

Market strategy analysis - allows us to have a notion of the market we are studying and compare it with international references.

Perform keyword studies - have an overview of the current positioning and allows us to identify opportunities.

On-going tracking of organic positioning of keywords relevant to the business.

Generate content ideas - through tools for both SEO and Paid Media, SEMRush allows us to identify relevant topics and trends for different markets.

Backlink analysis - allows you to evaluate current backlinks and possible problems resulting from them (toxic backlinks, for example) and to gauge competitor backlinks and opportunities.

Auditing - collects data about the performance of websites and provides an overall performance score. It allows us to understand what bugs need to be fixed to improve performance, as well as the user experience on each site.

Report production - customized reports with more extensive information that allow you to aggregate data from various areas.

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organic positioning

What is the real importance of understanding our positioning?

It often happens that the positioning of brands does not match what users are looking for. This is how SEMRush helps us to magnify these differences and define a strategy, both in terms of the structure of the websites themselves and in terms of content.

But how much difference does organic positioning make?

For most industries, organic traffic can represent more than half of the traffic generated online. This means that a lack of investment in an integrated strategy can mean the loss of thousands of (unpaid) visits to the website!

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One of the aspects of SEMRush that stands out from other tools is its in-depth keyword analysis. Not only does this analysis apply to SEO, but also to Paid Media:


Tracking of keywords defined in studies

Generation of variations and similar keywords according to a defined keyword

Content planning according to the search trend for each keyword


A priori analysis of keyword CPC's

Generation of variations and similar keywords according to a defined keyword

Analysis of advertisements made by the competition