Over 50% of all web site traffic in the world comes from organic search, making SEO is one of the most important disciplines in digital marketing.

At Gigantic we have a team of experts who are dedicated exclusively to studying SEO and understanding the secrets of search engine algorithms.

If you consider that you have few visits to your website, if your company does not appear on the first page of Google or if the performance has been declining and your agency does not respond, talk to one of our SEO specialists and quickly increase traffic to your website.



Keyword Research

Development of SEO strategy

Definition of Site and Home Architecture

Strategy and Editorial Calendar of Contents

Creating Blog Pages and Articles

Design for content and articles

Establishing Content Partnerships


Search engine ranking improvement

Page Speed Insights metrics upgrade

Correction of Tags, Headings, Snipets

User Page Time Improvement

Reduction of Bounce Rate

Creating Backlinks for your Website

SEO Performance Management



How do your customers

No matter how good or important your company is in the real world it will never exist in the digital world if your website content is not fully aligned with the way your customers or potential customers search.

The more perfect the match is, between your website content/ keywords and the searches the better your ranking on Google or Bing will be.

With Gigantic you will get:

With the Gigantic
goes get it:

Know the Keywords in your market and the volume of existing monthly searches.

Know where you stand in the rankings compared to your competitors on Mobile or Desktop.

Discover real organic traffic opportunities.

Know what you can do to improve your website's SEO performance.

Define an SEO Strategy that Increases
Your Traffic Permanently.



The sole mission of Google or Bing's algorithms is to serve people the best sites that answer their questions, searches or audience expectations.

If it is important to know how your customers search for you, what words or expressions they use the most, it is equally important to ensure that your content has high quality and is aligned with those same keywords.

This alignment should be transversal, from the organization of the structure of the website and homepage, to the quality of content, to the way texts are written.

Our team can help you define an SEO strategy that guarantees you organic traffic at no cost.


Just as a book or a magazine has a table of contents, an organization of chapters, titles, sub-titles and running text, your website also has to follow rules in the organization and structure of the content.

Headers, Headings, Tags, Slugs are some of the tools used for search engines to identify this structure.



What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a diverse set of techniques, distributed among content, design and technical performance, that allow your website to achieve better positions in Google.

What are keywords?

Keywords or set of Keywords correspond to the words used by users when searching about a subject, product or service.

What is organic search?

There are several sources of traffic to a website, such as organic search, social networks, paid media among others. The organic search corresponds to the traffic generated through clicks on search links made in search engines.

How does Google determine rankings?

Google uses more than 200 signals to determine the ranking of the sites, however these 200 signals can be grouped in 3 levels: importance in the real world of the company or brand, quality and alignment of the content with the searches, technical performance of the website with particular emphasis on Mobile performance.

What does an SEO agency do?

An SEO agency works the content of your website so that it fits the keywords/key words of your market. In parallel, it must technically ensure that the organization of the content respects the formal rules of Google and sets up tags, headings and snippets according to the standards.

What is Page Speed Insights?

Page speed insights is a tool created by Google that allows you to measure the technical performance of the website in terms of loading times, interactivity time, layout changes during loading, among others. As of June 2021, Page Speed and all associated metrics (FCP, LCP, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Total Blocking Time, CLS), became an important ranking factor.

Why are Page Speed metrics important?

Page speed insights metrics are important not only because they help determine Google rankings but more importantly because they are quality metrics of a site's usability and inherently of the brand itself. Google studies show that over 50% of mobile users are unwilling to wait more than three seconds for a site to load, giving up when it doesn't.

What is First Contentful Paint (FCP)?

It is an important metric from Page Speed Insights, and represents the time it takes the browser to load (render) the first piece of content from a site, giving the end user the indication that they are entering a new site and that it is being loaded.

What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?

It is one of the page speed insights metrics, which translates to the time it takes for the largest visible content on a website page to load and become fully interactive. All these metrics are related to the user experience. A bad experience decreases the possibility of obtaining good rankings.

What are Headings?

A website is like a book. Imagine the structure of a book, without an index, chapters, titles or sub-titles. The headings structure of a page tells Google, the theme of the page, the titles, sub-titles and text.

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