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SimilarWeb is a data collection and analysis software that allows us to have a macro view of each market, being this one of the tools with a key role in the Business Intelligence (BI) stage.

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Want to understand your business better? Know the traffic strategies that your competition is betting on? Have a global vision of how the market works?


how does our BI area work?

> We help map the Client Journey, verify the current effectiveness of the communication media used, and observe the behavior of users when they browse them.

> We conduct a study to understand how the competition operates in the market, which competitors are best positioned, and what our opportunities are.

> We constantly monitor "on real-time" the data coming from the traffic sources we have available.

> Reporting of results and indication of possible improvements.

But how do we
achieve results?

Based on data!
And the way we get there is through SimilarWeb.

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How does SimilarWeb add value?

Traffic Analysis

SimilarWeb provides detailed information about website traffic, including information about visits, average dwell time, bounce rate and traffic sources. These metrics help you understand how users interact with websites.

For example, if there is a player that has a much higher average dwell time on your site, does your site have a lot of interesting content, or is it too confusing and the user can't immediately find what they are looking for?

Competitors and market analysis

SimilarWeb's platform allows us to take a macro view of the market and compare the performance of a website with those of its direct competitors.

Which competitor is stronger in terms of traffic? And in terms of share of organic traffic, for example?

Mobile Traffic Analysis

With the increased use of mobile devices, SimilarWeb provides insights into a site's mobile traffic and how it compares to desktop traffic.

If most of our traffic comes from mobile devices, does our website provide a good UX? Or do we have technical performance bugs that need to be fixed?

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Insights about the target audience

SimilarWeb provides information about a website's target audience, including age, gender, interests, and geographic location.

Could it be that our target audience is more female? And does it make sense to adjust our campaigns according to this data?
Are there other foreign markets that should be explored?

Analysis of keywords

The platform allows us to evaluate the most relevant keywords for a website and see the traffic share for each of the competitors.

Are competitors positioned on non-branded keywords? If not, is there an opportunity to position ourselves better and generate more traffic to our website?

These are just some of the tools SimilarWeb has to help us have a more global understanding of the markets and how we should proceed in defining strategies, but there are others that our team has to help you.


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