A successful landing page is the equivalent of a delicious recipe!

Now, while reading this title, you might be thinking…how is it possible to compare a landing page, one of the most used marketing tools to a simple dish? How do you convert a rather basic digital mechanism into a sexy, refined, tasty recipe?

Well, as a matter of fact, there are many ingredients which are essential to the success of a creative landing page.

To quickly summarize, a landing page is a website page designed to keep record of a contact’s information in exchange for a desired offer. Most landing pages are optimized to convert visitors into leads : the ultimate goal is to acquire those visitors’ information through a form on the page. The conversion is made by using images, specific details about the offer, and reasons why the offer can be helpful to those visitors.

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A successful landing page is the equivalent of a delicious recipe! 6

Once the visitor fills out that form, they’re typically sent an email with more information on what they were hoping to learn about and then redirected to what’s called a “thank you page”, a new web page where they can access even more information.

“Building and nurturing relationships with your leads”

Landing pages are designed to frame a content offer in a much more targeted way than a general page ; they are built without excess navigation so that your users can focus on the matter at hand.

The important thing to remember is to always keep your buyer personas’ interests as your priority. You will attract far more people by paying close attention to their needs rather than introducing them to subjects they don’t sympathize with…

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Now that you’ve understood what the goals of landing pages are, we can start cooking! Think about a beautiful spaghetti al pomodoro and take out all the ingredients one by one…

The fundamental ingredient

If we keep our example in mind, we are now talking about the spaghetti itself. The main element to always keep track of is your base. In simpler words, your landing page in general : how it looks like, if it appeals to the targeted customers, if it will attract new potential clients…

It is the most important part because it will determine if you are on the right path in order to be successful in the long term. You never want to overcook or undercook your pasta, well it’s the same with your landing page. Too much information can destabilize or bother consumers while too little information can seem unprofessional. The secret is to always keep the right dosage. It is the first thing your visitors will look at, so you might as well give them a good first impression!

Adding the sauce in your base is the next step

And by that, I mean adding flavour to your recipe…what kind of person likes their pasta without anything to embellish the savour? Compare this to your landing page. It is useful to have a landing page, which represents your base ; but it is also important to know how to nourish it.

There are many essential elements to a prosperous landing page including :

1) A clear headline

2) A strong call to action (CTA)

3) A unique selling proposition

4) Some social proof

5) The key benefits of your offering

6) A reinforcement statement

By building on consistent components to your landing page, it will allow your visitor not only to trust you, but more importantly to convert into a lead.

A final touch with all the toppings needed

To perfectly end up your recipe, sprinkle the toppings : a little bit of basil here, some parmesan there…be creative! Creativity always brings a big plus to individuals who are seeking for originality. Most of all, the visuals represent the primary aspect which will trigger your audience. Do i prefer a boring, black and white page with a lot of content OR a colourful, positive, inspirational welcome page with the ideal amount of information? Great landing pages can’t only include easy access to data, but they also need to be visually appealing in order to stand out.

Et voilà!

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“The content is important but the design is what will make the difference”

AirBnB : an example of an efficient landing page

As a leading worldwide home-sharing service platform, AirBnB has done quite the trick. Their secret? Being upfront with what they offer, clear about which services they provide and appearing incredibly innovative. But, most importantly, they prioritize the user experience.

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A successful landing page is the equivalent of a delicious recipe! 7

When analyzing their website, it is quite easy to see the reasons why they thrive overtime. The visual clarity they bring forward makes the experience pleasant and easy to acknowledge. Their message is clear, straightforward, allows the customer to fastly make their search and accelerate the process without wasting precious time.

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In other words, the design of a good landing page is fundamental : it determines your credibility amongst the public but it also drives your user’s actions accordingly to your end goal. And in this particular case, creating simple, strong and easy to understand CTAs shows how effective AirBnB appears, because it is what captivates most of their audience.

Now that all of the ingredients have been assembled, the objectives of a successful landing page are no secret to you anymore! Keep it easy, short, appealing to the eye and you’ll attract people, or make it complicated, boring, never-ending and you’ll lose them.

Bon Appétit !

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